Become a corporate athlete!

Feel good with well-founded knowledge from all areas of your company

Top athletes can only achieve top performance if they know themselves, their body and the conditions around them as well as possible. Similarly, entrepreneurs achieve maximum efficiency if they have all the figures at hand they need to make sound decisions at all times and are familiar with these figures. The implexis Analytics Platform (iAP) helps you provide crucial information precisely and in a targeted and timely manner so you can make the right decisions at any time. Become a top corporate athlete in your discipline!

Big data is more than just a buzzword…

It means providing the correct answers at any given time. Only if you have access to all business-relevant company data can you make sound decisions for your organization. iAP supports you in managing the flood of digital data so you can collect, structure and analyze data, make it visible and retrieve it from dashboards. These insights allow you to better maintain and optimize your relationships with customers, identify new potential, and tap new business opportunities. Detailed analyses and reports in real time help you keep abreast of things at all time, with or without your mobile device.

Customized analyses


Breakfast figures

What do you call figures you receive during breakfast that have you rest assured that you can finish your coffee without hurry rather than making hasty decisions?


Structured reporting

Recurring reports provide you with a plausible picture of the current situation. Concrete figures combined with historic data allow you to make developments visible.


The one truth

Obtain an overview of all essential information in one analytical tool – no Excel magic, but rather understandable, consolidated information from diverse operational sources for your reports, analyses and forecasts.


Generate knowledge

Use machine learning to detect new potential. Find out what your customers need. Identify small yet crucial factors that allow you to maximize your opportunities.

Make the right decisions based on valid figures

implexis analytics offers comprehensive Business Intelligence solutions based on cutting-edge technology.

How you benefit from implexis analytics

Real-time monitoring

iAP provides real-time insight into your company and beyond. Use real-time reports to display the current situation live. You obtain precise information on the performance of your corporate processes.

One central data pool

iAP bundles all relevant data for you – from customer-related and corporate data to cancellations, complaints and customer satisfaction rates – so you have control of relevant information at all times.

The customer is always right…

…is more than just a saying: Identify your customers‘ requests by analyzing and enhancing complex data using iAP. This gives you the opportunity to strengthen you relationships with customers and to identify and tap cross-selling potential.

Detailed analyses

Rather than relying on your gut, base your decisions on well-founded data. With iAP you can analyze very large data volumes ad hoc or predictively so you always make the right decisions at the right time and in the right place.

Never lose sight of the future

Know more before others do – identify hidden interrelations and future trends using data-based forecasts. This way, you can determine the reach of your activities at an early stage and manage your company even better.

Analytics to go

Stay updated anytime and anywhere. We provide you with intuitive solutions so you can access live analyses and reports at any time on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.