We see the workplace of the future as responding to a series of trends including digitalization, big data, mobility, changing work models and incorporating the desire of staff members to work together and share knowledge. We can show you how to be one step ahead in this ever-changing environment because we are certain that work can be done at any place.

The Workplace of the Future with SharePoint 2016

Internal corporate communications of tomorrow requires a smart software solution that is more mobile, more intelligent and safer at the same time. Microsoft SharePoint 2016 provides these benefits. See for yourself.

SharePoint 2016 and Yammer

Corporate workplaces have changed Microsoft SharePoint from a content-focused tool for cooperation to an intelligent portal. New functions for searches, Business Intelligence, and social networking allow us to design software solutions that bring your people, information, and knowledge together in a clever way – always in line with your value chain.


…you could shorten long development times and get your dynamic portal solutions ready-to-go. Chock full of options for knowledge management and social networking in Yammer, your new intranet will increase your staff’s productivity. If you have a problem and need help from colleagues quickly without much ado, simply post a request in your internal social network. Benefit from the creativity and power of innovation of the masses.


In theory, today we all can work anywhere in the world. All we need is a mobile device, good Internet connection, and collaboration tools for virtual team work in real time, at video meetings, through messenger systems, etc. In addition to facilitating a new way of working, these opportunities increase flexibility and agility.


…an important business appointment has been scheduled but you will be on vacation. Rather than cancelling, simply log onto the online conference system from your hotel room, view your colleagues’ presentations and share ideas, then return to the beach and enjoy a cocktail.

Office 365 and Delve

Microsoft Office 365 and Delve provide companies with extremely secure and reliable cloud-based services that enhance users’ productivity. Office 365 is the latest version of online services in the Office family. In short: Microsoft offers services in its own data centers which you can rent, saving you the time and money it would have taken you to install and dismantle your own IT infrastructure. The Delve app is the smart tool for compiling information in Office 365.


…you have a personal assistant that merges your knowledge and connections with work colleagues intelligently and sorts them at your request. Did you forget to bring the documents you need for your meeting in ten minutes? No problem! Your assistant can deliver the presentations from the meeting two weeks ago.

Intelligent Business Operations and Big Data

Intelligent Business Operation (IBO) is an approach to designing tomorrow’s workplace that anchors analysis processes directly in your business processes and translates results into action. It is not as complicated as it sounds. The amount of data relevant to your world of business makes it difficult to deploy analysis tools efficiently. While traditional business analysis tools take time to deliver, IBO retrieves data from ongoing operations and provides it for immediate use. This way you can recognize business-critical events early and make intelligent decisions promptly.


…you run a retail business and would like to know if your merchandise has been delivered to your customers on time. In the past, you had to manually check the diverse systems in which your outgoing shipments are documented. We can provide you with a system that monitors your flow of goods in real time so you can detect errors before they cause any damage.

Six Steps to Your Future Workplace


Jointly with you, we develop your roadmap from start to finish.


We identify the responsible persons and involve users.


We uncover user stories and begin by implementing quick, straightforward measures that attract attention.


We select and adapt the technological base.


We appoint pilot users to provide feedback and support.


We launch the first user story, motivate your colleagues and corporate management, and define the next step on your way to the workplace of the future.

Contact us! We will be happy to consult you individually.


Ralf Bußmann

Business Unit Manager Modern Workplace

Available for any questions about Microsoft SharePoint, intranets and extranets, project and team portals, Business Intelligence (BI), knowledge management platforms and end-to-end collaboration.

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