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Do you want to build your own digital world? We are here to assist you at all stages from concept through strategy, design, implementation, development, quality management, and testing, and we provide support thereafter. Also, we champion the transformation process in your company with, among other things, communication measures, internal project marketing, and change management. Benefit from our expertise as service provider with SharePoint project and program management and our unique spectrum of best practices implementing the Microsoft SharePoint-based solution that is the best match for your system landscape.

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Our Solutions

Integrated intranets, extranets and knowledge platforms are optimal tools to promote and support cooperation in your company.

(Social) Intranet – Premium Communications Among your Staff Members

Economic success is contingent on clear internal communications. With people’s affinity to the Internet and social networks increasing, modern corporate communications must convey information while at the same time encouraging interaction and the dynamic conveyance of knowledge along with collaboration and networking. Our intranet portal solution enhances the flow of communication in your company to save you time and increase efficiency.

Extranets – Connecting External Users Efficiently

Use extranets to boost your intranet! Be it customer, agency, supplier, or merchant portals, extranets are used by predefined external groups only. Our solutions enable users to share high-volume data and information efficiently across companies.

Collaboration – Linking Knowledge and Fostering Cooperation

Our SharePoint intranet supports globally active companies in mastering the challenge of promoting collaboration across divisions, sites, and devices. To make this tool a sweeping success in your company through comprehensive user acceptance, we deliver options for transferring know-how and managing documents with a high level of usability.

Project Management – Virtual Team Rooms with teamsite+

Thanks to our unparalleled implexis Teamsite+ solution, large and decentralized teams have more options to organize themselves independently, communicate in a more transparent manner, and contribute actively to decision-making processes. This virtual work environment facilitates the exchange of information, templates, and tasks within project assignments and provides a centralized knowledge platform for the long term. Bridge the gap between technology and end users without the need for extensive training or concepts or having to depend on external service providers. Use implexis Teamsite+ to establish consistent processes with just one click of the mouse.

Process Management – Enliven your Business Processes

Our SharePoint intranet helps you manage your processes, including controlling document templates and automating workflows (e.g., using Nintex Workflows), with up-to-date data from your ERP system, travel expense reports, vacation requests, staff member appraisals, target system, applicants management documentation, centralized personnel files, and documentation regarding the bringing onboard and withdrawal of staff members.

BI – Using Business Data Flexibly

In your workplace of the future you can access all the business information you need to make better decisions at any time. Jointly with you, we will define the relevant KPIs and dimensions that form the basis of dynamic data analysis. To do so, we rely on Microsoft’s flexible BI components which can be integrated seamlessly into your system landscape. The new solutions encompass the technologies required to provide professional BI solutions for staging, consolidating and cleaning data, for data warehouses, and for displaying data multi-dimensionally in cubes or at the presentation level – and they include diverse options for integration.

Mobile Applications – Communicating Around the Globe

Having data available at any time and working in connected ways have become standard in today’s organizations. Suitable concepts for mobile applications lay the foundation for the long-term acceptance and success of your SharePoint portal. We deliver the solutions that mobilize your business processes and ensure seamless access to relevant information. All data is displayed optimally on any device. Consistent user-friendliness is guaranteed!

Integration – ERP and SharePoint Hand in Hand

We have unique proficiency integrating ERP, collaboration, and custom-solution projects as well as experience gained from implementing customer projects in a broad range of industries. We put this expertise at your service to ensure your portal is integrated smoothly into your system landscape. Say goodbye to confusing island solutions! With an intranet portal and external interfaces, we can make seamless exchange among your applications happen and we secure valuable knowledge for your staff members.

Seamlessly interacting elements in one system landscape

We use Microsoft collaboration software to map your business processes in full with no media or process discontinuity. Our standard solutions have been designed to have a high level of usability and to implement your modern work and communications requirements efficiently as well as to ensure your investment is future-proof and can be updated.

Microsoft SharePoint provides innovative methods to enable you to release your work, collaborate with others, organize projects and teams, and retrieve information from any place and at any time. SharePoint offers these (and more) opportunities for collaboration:


  • work together and share ideas
  • publish and release content in SharePoint from any Office application


  • organize all projects and tasks in SharePoint to maintain control of pending activities at all times
  • save and synchronize documents for easy online and offline access


  • find and contact experts
  • receive answers and base your findings on interactive reports


  • create apps in the Cloud
  • develop dynamic intranet and Internet sites


  • manage costs, for example, to reduce infrastructure expenses
  • manage risks and, for example, use archiving functions

Please click here for more information on Microsoft SharePoint.

With Teamsite+ we have bridged the gap between technologies and users. We will show you how to separate your technical operations from the functional development of your SharePoint environment without the need for extensive training, lengthy conceptualizations or external service providers. Establish consistent processes and methods and bring them to your users – at the push of a button.

Teamsite+ means

  • Acceleration – Incorporating SharePoint into your organization 70% faster
  • Cost reduction – Establishing consistent methods and processes, reducing costs
  • Acceptance – Bridging the gap between technologies and users
  • Sustainability – Applying acquired knowledge at the push of a button

Whether you are connected to the Internet at the office or on any mobile device – Microsoft Office provides you with the tools you need for your work. Create professional documents using familiar and proven Office applications, save them in the Cloud, share them with others and edit them in real-time together with your team members using Office Online. Please click here for more information on Microsoft Office.

Microsoft SQL Server is the foundation of Microsoft’s extensive data platform. This server delivers business-critical performance with integrated in-memory technologies as well as faster findings regarding all your data thanks to familiar tools including Excel. Also, this server comprises a platform that can be used to develop, provide and manage solutions for local and state-of-the-art Cloud environments. The architecture and tools are identical for local and Cloud environments to facilitate hybrid IT infrastructures. The Microsoft SQL Server delivers integrated, company-critical functions and groundbreaking organization-wide findings thanks to its familiar analytical tools and Big Data solutions designed for professional use. We support you with our technical and professional expertise. Rest assured that your critical corporate data will be stored safely and available across departments. Please click here for more information on Microsoft SQL Server.

Increase your users’ productivity, ensure security for your organization and maintain control at all times. The top features of Microsoft Exchange (excerpt):

  • enhanced productivity in a fully-secure organization
  • larger and more reliable inboxes
  • protection of confidential Information
  • flexible options for getting into the Cloud
  • high-performance functions such as DLP and website inboxes
  • centralized storage of key data with Exchange archiving

Please click here for more information on Microsoft Exchange.

Skype for Business is a Unified Communications platform for companies. As one component of the production environment you operate with on a daily basis, you can use Skype for Business Online to connect people around the world in Windows 8 or other operating systems including on mobile devices. Skype for Business provides a consistent user interface and offers great functions including chat, VoIP, video and attendance information at meetings. Skype for Business users can connect to Skype to enjoy diverse options for communicating with hundreds of millions of people around the world.


  • work anywhere in the world and keep in touch with colleagues and customers around the globe;
  • use Skype for Business across devices for familiar and consistent user experiences on PCs, smartphones, browsers and tablets;
  • enjoy easy management by using one single system and, thus, reduce complexity in your corporate IT.

Please click here for more information on Skype for Business.

Microsoft Office 365 includes the applications you are familiar with and work with on a daily basis. These applications are updated continuously and you receive updates automatically. There is more: Office 365 offers you the power of the Cloud! You now can access your applications and files from PCs, Macs or tablets – virtually anywhere. Please click here for more information on Microsoft Office 365. You can also find more Information on Microsoft Office 365 in our Fact Sheet here. (in German)

You now can use Excel and Power BI for Microsoft Office 365 to generate fully-fledged self-service Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for all users. Whether your users are BI experts or not, Excel offers intuitive functions for data exploration, analysis and visualization every user can use for more comprehensive findings from his or her data. Power BI for Office 365 is an easy-to-provide Cloud-based BI environment in which users can access, release and work jointly on data and reports at any location. Please click here for more information on Self-Service BI.

Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel is an add-in that helps you create high-performance data analyses in Microsoft Excel 2010 and bring Self-Service BI to your desktop. With PowerPivot for Excel you can turn huge volumes of data into relevant information at incredible speed to receive answers in a matter of seconds. Advantages of Microsoft Power Pivot:

  • use familiar Excel tools and functions
  • process huge volumes of data within a few seconds
  • upload large datasets from virtually any source including databases, data feeds, reporting services and text files
  • use high-performing new analysis functions such as Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Please click here for more information on Microsoft Power Pivot.

Because the workflows and forms available in Microsoft SharePoint Standard are limited, Australian software manufacturer Nintex offers the perfect add-ons – Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms. By supporting the creation of workflows and forms, these add-ons make it much easier for end users to tap the full potential of their SharePoint Standard software.

Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms help increase flexibility, lower costs and accelerate processes

Use Nintex Workflow to map complex processes and set new standards. For example, you can design your business processes – from simple vacation requests to the complex integration of external applications and data sources – more flexibly and affordably and implement them in less time than with SharePoint Standard alone. Nintex Workflow has web-based creation, programming and monitoring options for workflows and its user-friendly interface does not require any programming skills. This makes Nintex Workflow a sensible and useful addition for all users of SharePoint.

Nintex Forms can be integrated seamlessly into Nintex workflows so forms can be created and used on demand. Even end users who do not have any programming skills can develop the forms and workflows easily. Forms for requesting internal access rights, for example, facilitate control and transparency for users. Nintex Forms is a practical addition to SharePoint Standard and a popular alternative tool for creating forms, particularly in view of Microsoft’s announcement that no further versions of the InfoPath form manager have been planned.

Yammer is your company's social network and helps you and your team to stay up to date. Start conversation, share files and organize projects in order to achieve more, more quickly.
Microsoft Delve is an application that helps you to find information, which is currently of interest to you - over the entire Office 365. Delve displays documents, no matter where they are stored in OneDrive for Business or on sites in Office 365. Delve links information and connections to colleagues intelligently and sorts them on request for specific questions.

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