What advertising measures and/or campaigns are met with particularly positive responses? What groups of customers purchase what products? Are my customers satisfied? Does my investment pay off? What is the best way to structure floods of information? What can I do to get information and analyses to make decisions for subsequent actions? implexis’ CRM solutions help optimize your sales and business processes, simplify communications among your staff members, and strengthen your customer relationships.

CRM is an indispensable tool for companies. It harmonizes and analyzes sales, marketing, and service data. Based on the results, you can design new customer experiences and interaction that will be your key to acquiring customers and retaining them for the long term. With the right CRM system, automation, more efficient processes and more targeted marketing help you save money and increase customer satisfaction rates and your revenue. Gain a leading edge where knowledge is concerned and bring all relevant data together on one centralized platform. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we can help you make information accessible everywhere it is needed in your organization. Accelerate and simplify business transactions, cooperation, and communication!


SMEs still tend to update their data manually even though solutions for professional customer data management need not be costly or time-consuming. implexis would like to assist: We offer solutions customized with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You have online access to your cloud-based CRM data at any time and, thus, have all the information you need to control your business effectively and individualize your customer management. These are powerful tools in this age of digitalization because data silos or obsolete and incorrect data used by your marketing and sales staff for customer support can have negative effects on your SME’s competitive edge. Modern SMEs operate with data provided by customers and other sources. To make your marketing campaigns and digital touch points seen and heard, you need the 360° angle that a professional CRM system can provide.

CRM tools

With our customer engagement solution, you have a company-wide concept at your disposal which you can use to align your organization and your customers consistently. implexis‘ CRM system maps all processes between your organization and your customers systematically so you can actively enhance customer relationships and customer value.

Your advantages at a glance

Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to make your organization more efficient and offer personalized customer journeys at the same time.

Access updated customer data in real time at any time

Personal data is managed centrally and in a standardized manner, and changes are shown to all staff members immediately.

Manage all activities as well as purchase and return processes centrally

Your staff members can enter, track, forward and/or assess processes in a standardized manner or individually.

Create regular analyses of your customer groups

Dashboards make ongoing reports about individuals and groups of customers user-friendly and easy – with just one click.

Look into the future and optimize it

Once you have tracked your processes for some time, you can make forecasts regarding your customer relationships and identify new potential and maybe even new business opportunities.

Mobile CRM apps: figures and dashboards to go

With our mobile CRM apps and platforms you can manage your customer relationships directly on mobile devices. Your data and analyses from social media are integrated into your CRM application.

Trusted Microsoft tools for your customer management

Your staff can use Outlook, Excel, Word, and other trusted tools to prepare quotations and leads in the CRM system, answer support requests, or update information.