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implexis launches new web pages for its Customer Relationship Management and Career segments


implexis launches new web pages for its Customer Relationship Management and Career segments

Software services provider implexis has launched a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) homepage to show the connection between meeting customers‘ requirements and corporate success. implexis’ smart CRM solutions mainly address medium-sized companies, enterprises and retailers. CRM and its benefits are explained in high-quality editorial texts. In addition, implexis has launched its new Career site to inform users about the numerous training opportunities and benefits offered to its staff members. A highlight of the new Career site is the integrated job page that enables users to apply for a job vacancy directly online.

Meeting customers’ requirements effectively with CRM

What market trends are new? Which advertising measures or campaigns were particularly well received? Which customer group buys which products? Are my customers satisfied? Do my investments pay off? What tools can help me structure the flood of information? CRM provides answers to all these questions. On its new CRM site, software services provider implexis shows how a company’s success depends on the customer data it collects. At one glance, users learn how CRM combined with Microsoft technologies becomes an indispensable tool for organizations to consolidate and analyze sales, marketing and service-related data. implexis’ smart CRM solutions mainly address medium-sized companies, enterprises and the retail industry. CRM and its benefits as well as the latest CRM trends are explained in high-quality editorial texts.

CRM services complement implexis‘ portfolio

This is how implexis‘ customers benefit from the expansion of the business division: higher satisfaction rates, more efficient processes, lower costs, targeted implementation of marketing and sales measures as well as end-to-end support from implexis for mobile dashboards, social CRM, Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence and all cloud-related topics. Scalability, Transparency and Integration is the principle for the Nuremberg-based CRM specialists to tailor their CRM systems to meet every customer’s needs. implexis has made a name for itself as a renowned expert for integrating multi-channel solutions for the retail industry and as a cross-industry specialist in collaboration systems. CRM touches on both these segments. Excellent customer service is essential, especially for retailers, and the data required to ensure excellency is delivered by implexis Retail CRM. Sales staff has access to all customers‘ data at all times and can verify key customers and their individual interests. Thanks to the intelligent software solution, customers enjoy end-to-end shopping experiences across channels. implexis Retail CRM leverages the advantages of the new world of work. Perfect customer support means having all the answers – anytime, anywhere. Mobile devices and implexis‘ collaboration systems make it possible. The implexis CRM Mobile App allows users to view the latest data, analyses and dashboards on mobile devices and allows companies to meet customers‘ needs in real time.  

Winning IT Solutions. With You!

Effective immediately, implexis‘ Career site has a new digital face. Visitors are welcomed “in person” by implexis staff members – in the form of photos. Target group specific content, user-friendly design, and many interactive and audio-visual elements make the new site more interesting and appeal to potential candidate’s emotions. Readers learn about the work environment at implexis – fascinating projects embedded in a comprehensive work-life balance concept.

Apply directly online

Another new feature of implexis’ Career site is the integrated job page. Users simply click the profile for a job vacancy and apply online easily. Job postings are divided into two categories, Professionals and Young Professionals, so experts, graduates, and career starters can find a position in line with their qualifications straight away. Currently, the page lists close to 40 job vacancies at implexis’ seven sites. As a major player in the software industry, implexis looks mainly for IT specialists who know their way around Microsoft technologies. 

Michael Ferschl, Managing Director of implexis, says about the redesigned Career page: “We want to attract talent to our company and our work culture. To ensure users get the whole picture, we have added photos of our staff members and encourage dialog with candidates.”