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As an international Microsoft Dynamics partner, we draw on our experience implementing more than 950 projects to help medium-sized and large companies in the retail sector integrate efficient ERP systems. Count on us for the implementation of secure and flexible omni channel software and competent ERP consultation today and in the future:


be it based on a omni channel strategy or an international web shop, …


... on a product portfolio ranging from A to Z or a customized portfolio, ...


… on branches at home and abroad or distribution via marketplaces and call centers.

We meet with you in person to discuss the most suitable and sustainable Microsoft omni channel software for your business.

Process-oriented integration

We replace your heterogeneous system landscape with an ERP system that maps all omni channel retailing processes without any media or process discontinuity. The new system is integrated into your IT architecture in line with your requirements ensuring timeliness and user-friendliness and it is future-proof. The technical platform for this system– an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) – can be integrated effortlessly into your system landscape because we implement suitable interfaces. The ESB controls all the processes between the individual stationary and mobile touch points. Individual applications can remain unchanged and enhancements can be added at any time. Microsoft standard software facilitates modularity and ensures affordable implementation. Our scalable solutions with multi-client capabilities will be of assistance if you decide to extend your product range or take your trade activities abroad. Even then, our focus will be on our ERP systems’ performance.

Thinking and operating in processes

Our extensive spectrum of competences regarding processes and solutions for omni channel retailers enables you to organize your ERP system without any media interruptions and to align it with your business processes. Your advantage: perfected through our project experience, industry-specific best practices that can be scaled to meet your needs so you save time and money.

We support your change processes

Today, a company’s success depends strongly on its ability to change. We advise you and support you throughout the changes to your system landscape! We map all stages of your change processes transparently, easily, efficiently and in a structured manner so you always know which changes your business solutions are undergoing at the diverse stages. It is good to know you can rely on our competent partners to help you design your corporate change processes! For further information on our partner PricewaterhouseCoopers AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft (PwC), please click here

Workshops and training

To make your applications successful and leverage their benefits in full, our projects include workshops and training as key elements. We familiarize your staff members with your new system quickly and in a practice-oriented manner to ensure seamless transition and to guarantee productive use from day one.

Managed services and support

With our Managed Services team you and your staff are in good hands in the post-implementation phase. During the implementation of upgrades, hotfixes or new processes or when conducting performance analyses and monitoring, we ensure that your applications run smoothly today and in the future and support your daily operations effectively and competently.

Integrated ERP system

We use Microsoft ERP software to map all your business processes with no media or process discontinuity. Our standard solutions have been adapted to omni channel businesses to meet the requirements of your retailing environment and your company. In this way we ensure your investments are future-proof and can be updated.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a future-safe ERP solution for controlling company-wide processes on an international scale, either on a centralized or decentralized basis. Benefit from start-to-finish control of all your processes, including, if required, worldwide across sites and branches.

Do you want to organize omni-channel-processes effectively?

Our specialty is to map retail process chains flexibly and consistently. „Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail“ goes beyond a classic ERP system and offers traders the perfect management of the omni-channel processes marketing and sales, order management, logistics and analysis. To this end, we adapt industry-specific templates developed by impuls to your company’s processes globally. If you expand your business and/or incorporate new sites, expanding the solution is quick and easy. It even takes country-specific features such as legal and tax-law regulations into consideration – this Software is ideal for internationally oriented companies as well as for companies with a large number of linked workstations.

The difference is in the details: Microsoft NAV is ideal for medium-sized enterprises and for large companies with medium-sized structures made up of decentralized, compact units at home and abroad. The software can be fully integrated into corporate processes – quickly, easily and flexibly. It is usually the company’s smaller units and decentralized structures such as production sites or distribution centers that see hard cash savings from the fast implementation and flexible adaptation of simple, user-oriented applications. We only implement the features you and your staff really need. To this end, we adapt industry-specific templates developed by impuls to your company’s processes. With the open communication architecture provided by Dynamics NAV, connecting to your centralized ERP system, e.g., Dynamics AX or SAP, is fast and efficient. Thanks to our experience implementing more than 850 Microsoft Dynamics projects and our vast knowledge of countries and industries, we can customize standard ERP solutions efficiently, targeted directly to meet your needs.

Microsoft SharePoint provides innovative methods to enable you to release your work, collaborate with others, organize projects and teams, and retrieve information from any place and at any time. SharePoint offers these (and more) opportunities for collaboration:):


  • work together and share ideas
  • publish and release content in SharePoint from any Office application


  • organize all projects and tasks in SharePoint to maintain control of pending activities at all times
  • save and synchronize documents for easy online and offline access


  • find and contact experts
  • receive answers and base your findings on interactive reports


  • create apps in the Cloud
  • develop dynamic intranet and Internet sites


  • manage costs, for example, to reduce infrastructure expenses
  • manage risks and, for example, use archiving functions

Please click here for more information on Microsoft SharePoint.

Microsoft BizTalk is the premium integration solution many companies around the world use to help make their business processes more consistent and efficient. Deemed to be the Value Leader, BizTalk is used successfully as a solution for payment processing, supply chain management, B2B interactions, real-time decision-making, and reporting. Leverage our extensive know-how to implement a high-performance ERP solution that will secure your competitive advantage. Please click here for more information on Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Microsoft SQL Server is the foundation of Microsoft’s extensive data platform. This server delivers business-critical performance with integrated in-memory technologies as well as faster findings regarding all your data thanks to familiar tools including Excel. Also, this server comprises a platform that can be used to develop, provide and manage solutions for local and state-of-the-art Cloud environments. The architecture and tools are identical for local and Cloud environments to facilitate hybrid IT infrastructures. The Microsoft SQL Server delivers integrated, company-critical functions and groundbreaking organization-wide findings thanks to its familiar analytical tools and Big Data solutions designed for professional use. We support you with our technical and professional expertise. Rest assured that your critical corporate data will be stored safely and available across departments. Please click here for more information on Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft .NET is a popular platform designed for developing Windows, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Windows Server and Microsoft Azure applications that have outstanding user interfaces as well as a high-level of productivity, availability and security. The .NET framework platform comprises the C# and Visual Basic programming languages, Common Language Runtime (CLR) and an extensive class library. If you need a globally linked technology platform for your business processes, an application based on Microsoft .NET is the perfect solution for you. We will develop the future-proof .NET framework based solution most suitable for you quickly. Please click here for more information on Microsoft .NET.

How you benefit from implexis‘ ERP solutions

Effective project management

Our comprehensive 360° view of your projects and resources helps you plan and manage more efficiently.

Processes without any media interruptions

Make use of our vast range of competences when it comes to omni channel retailing to organize your processes without any media interruptions and synchronize them with your business processes.

Competitive edge

Be better than the rest and strengthen your competitive edge with more efficient processes that save you time.

Real-time reporting

You need reliable, up-to-date and accurate reports for your business units? With implexis‘ ERP solutions, all you need is a few clicks to prepare relevant and flexible real-time reports easily, even across units.

Enhanced transparency for collaboration

With implexis‘ ERP solutions you can create a consistent database across units. This way, you enhance transparency, the flow of information and communications. Redundancies and data variances become obsolete.

Access your data anytime, anywhere

Mobile ERP makes your ERP system even more flexible: You can access company data and project information from any device at any time. The cloud-based ERP system fully taps the potential of the cloud from immediate provision to flexible capacities and resource additions.

Customers around the globe

We have used our many years of experience in international rollouts to build our global knowledge. We are aware of the challenges multinational corporations face and provide these companies with intensive support services. We support your erp internationalization all the way in the world of cross-channel services at home and abroad. We implement high-performing custom solutions equipped with interfaces as well as modular and scalable features. You can rely on implexis: With our experience in implementing erp and end-to-end collaboration systems in international sites, we provide transparency for collaboration processes in your company. Our customers around the world leverage our expertise and our services when it comes to ensuring quality and making their companies fit for the future.

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Products and tools by implexis

Our product portfolio is inimitably efficient. For each of your projects, we assign competent experts with excellent know-how of Microsoft products who understand your company’s processes and operations. We recommend the exact software solution that offers your company the best possible value on its investment. This security is based on our use of global standard technologies that can be adapted to meet any potential future requirements your company may encounter.

Organize omni-channel processes effectively!

"implexis 360° ERP" provides modern retailers with an IT system to map all of their sales channels and process chains consistently. "implexis 360° ERP" helps the trade sector master the challenges of multiple distribution and sales channels efficiently and solve conflicts among channels. The tool focuses on the omni-channel processes of marketing and sales, order management, logistics and analysis.

Map retail process chains flexibly and consistently.

implexis maps these processes fully using Microsoft technologies. The underlying standard technologies ensure that investments remain future-oriented and are able to be updated. This is one of the main deviations from existing software architectures that over time have developed into non-transparent, heterogeneous constructs which inhibit both flexible processing in marketing and sales and seamless handling of all downstream business processes. "implexis 360° ERP" provides you with an organized system environment as well as with meticulously developed and implemented software based on the requirements of your organization, your customers and your staff.

Avoid channel conflicts; profit from cross channel activities.

You can offer competitive and efficient cross-channel activities and address your customers in all channels with the same professionalism. Be it stores, web shops, marketplaces or social selling – "implexis 360° ERP" accommodates and connects the sales channels of today and tomorrow.

With Teamsite+ we have bridged the gap between technologies and users. We will show you how to separate your technical operations from the functional development of your SharePoint environment without the need for extensive training, lengthy conceptualizations or external service providers. Establish consistent processes and methods and bring them to your users – at the push of a button.

Teamsite+ means

  • Acceleration – Incorporating SharePoint into your organization 70% faster
  • Cost reduction – Establishing consistent methods and processes, reducing costs
  • Acceptance – Bridging the gap between technologies and users
  • Sustainability – Applying acquired knowledge at the push of a button

LS Nav is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Covers Point of Sale (POS) to Back- and Head Office Functionality.
It is suited for a variety of vertical industries like Fashion, Electronics, Food/Grocery, Furniture, Specialty, and many more. Continued customer driven enhancements in LS Nav brings more retail benefits and continued improvement of functionalities. Since LS Nav is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the POS, back office and head office all use the same application. This makes it possible to track individual transactions from the POS to the General Ledger, which maximizes your business value. It also means that the users have access to other parts of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV application, such as Finance, Sales and Marketing, Warehousing and Service.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • User-friendly, end-to-end system
  • Data transmission in real-time and automatic replication of information
  • Online and offline access
  • Customized design options for user interfaces
  • Local/central control
  • Centralized decisions from the Head Office

Kinect was originally designed to control Microsoft’s XBOX 360 video game console by means of body movements. Thanks to the implexis KinectPresenter for Microsoft PowerPoint this fascinating technology has moved into a new dimension – presentations in professional business environments.

Amaze your audience with professional presentations

To control your presentations via gestures you need only two things: a Kinect device connected via USB to the computer you are using and the implexis KinectPresenter for Microsoft PowerPoint. If you are the speaker, Kinect will recognize you and enable you to control your PowerPoint presentations by moving your arms. In addition, the software can display your silhouette to enable you, for example, to point to contents of the PowerPoint presentation without a laser pointer.

Broad range of applications

Since Kinect was created, we have developed myriad great ideas to integrate it into diverse business scenarios – from controlling PowerPoint presentations to screening retail customer behavior. If you want to exchange ideas, please contact us!

Easy, free installation

You are already using a Kinect for Windows sensor?

Please click on the link to download our tool at no charge and start using it immediately.

For users of a Kinect for XBOX sensor:

Microsoft permits the use of this sensor for development and/or evaluation purposes only. If this applies to you, please use the link to download and install the implexis KinectPresenter for Microsoft PowerPoint and Kinect SDK.

Microsoft, PowerPoint and Kinect are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

One registration – unlimited use

You have three days unlimited use of the implexis KinectPresenter for Microsoft PowerPoint. To continue using the tool after this trial period, simply submit a request for registration through the tool. You will be able to control all your presentations with gestures shortly.

Our portfolio encompasses data center services for hosting complete Microsoft Dynamics infrastructures as well as the provision of the hardware systems they require, the virtualization environment and, if required, the installation of links to VPN or MPLS technologies. The setup at our partner noris network AG’s highly secure data centers delivers maximum performance and security.

Maximum certification for your data security.

Company-wide certification pursuant to ISO 27001 and revisions including the eco Datacenter Star Audit ensure unmatched quality and optimal data integrity at the data center. To protect the setup against data loss, backups and snapshots are saved on a regular basis. In addition, long-time archiving on backup media can be provided on demand – to save the entire data collection once a year or at other intervals and enable you to store your data outside of the data center.

24/7 availability.

In addition to the basic operation of your Dynamics application, we provide you with full application support on demand – seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our services

  • Hosting
  • Help desk
  • Optimization
  • Monitoring
  • Consulting
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Basic operation
  • Application operation
  • Infrastructure

We will be happy to discuss with you in person the best and most sustainable solution for your business. Contact us!

Effective and transparent planning for sales demand

The intelligent AMOS Demand Forecasting and Scheduling (AMOS FS) software takes into account relevant influencing factors to identify precise demand for cost-optimized inventories with minimum scheduling required. Thanks to its integrated sales planning function, this reliable tool ensures that users have full control of inventories at all times, enabling them to act rather than react.

Benefits of AMOS FS (excerpt)

Sales planning

  • Precise sales forecasts based on data analysis
  • Flexible implementation of company-specific logics


  • Identification of optimal order times based on all relevant influencing factors
  • Cost optimization of warehouse capacities and delivery times throughout a product’s cycle

Identification of order proposals

  • Automatic generation of order proposals
  • Tracking order status until goods are ready for picking

Advantages at a glance

  • Optimal quality of planning based on combined forecasts and the expertise and market knowledge of the planners
  • Tailored availability of goods taking speed of delivery and inventory risk into consideration
  • Automated scheduling and planning processes
  • Less loss of turnover due to sellouts
  • Optimized tie-up of capital

For more information on the product and its functions, please refer to the fact sheet

Solution that meets the needs of fashion and apparel enterprises

ax|is fashion, K3’s flexible and scalable industry solution, specifically addresses fashion processes and enables customers to monitor and control all multi-channel processes. The cutting-edge solution can be integrated fully into Microsoft Dynamics AX. With ax|is fashion, users have easy access to relevant information regarding the creation of products along the value chain at all times.

Features of ax|is fashion (excerpt)

  • Omni Channel Planung
  • PDM & PDL
  • Sales Order Management
  • Season Management
  • Pre-Packs
  • Color, Size and Fit Handling

Advantages at a glance

  • Transparent, role-based data accessible from anywhere
  • Shorter decision cycles, quicker response to change
  • Improved enterprise-wide and supplier collaboration
  • End-user satisfaction with a fit-for-purpose solution on a familiar interface
  • Real-time visibility into all processes across all channels
  • Centralized and accurate data
  • Integration into mission-critical point solutions
  • Preconfigured for fashion-specific business models, processes and tasks
  • No need for expensive customization of generic solutions
  • Includes functionality to handle product management, wholesale and retail
  • Flexible and scalable to drive growth and expansion

For more information about the product and its features, please click here

Contact us! We will be happy to consult you individually.


Michael Ferschl

Managing Director

Available for any questions about retail processes, ERP systems, multi-channelling, methodology and consistent system landscapes.


Florian Schader

Strategic Program Manager

Available for any questions about retail processes, ERP systems, multi-channelling, methodology and consistent system landscapes.




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