Omni-channel ERP systems

RETAIL FUTURE WORLD is comprised of five stations at which we introduce you to the details of an end-to-end omni-channel ERP system. You will gain insight into and learn how to manage all retail processes efficiently and to avoid channel conflicts. RETAIL FUTURE WORLD offers new ideas, proven approaches to solutions and holistic strategies for successful omni-channel ERP software as well as presenting the latest in retail trends.

Customer journey in five stations

Experience and test live scenarios of a multi-channel IT system with features including ERP, web shop, Business Intelligence tools, collaboration, POS, cash register systems, RFID, media terminals, interactive product presentations, customer tracking, in-store movement analyses and many more! Retailers gain insight into the processes behind the scenes – from procurement, back office and omni-channel sales (stores/branches, web shops, mobile, call centers) to analysis and shipment.


We use stations titled Centralised Headquarter, Web Shop (E-Commerce), Logistics, Smart Store and Analytics to illustrate the following (and other) scenarios:

  • integrated IT solutions for omni-channel retailing in medium-sized and large enterprises
  • optimally aligned communication and distribution channels
  • fast, consistent order processing based on efficient order management
  • state-of-the-art payment services
  • interactive product information and cross-channel campaigns in all the distribution channels
  • consistent access to cross-channel information from warehouse management processes
  • multi-channel logistics services
  • cross-channel analysis options

What you can expect

With RETAIL FUTURE WORLD, we offer you the opportunity to go behind the scenes in a real-life environment and experience and assess how completely and seamlessly innovative technologies can be used to map retail processes. Thereby your investments remain future-oriented and are able to be updated. RETAIL FUTURE WORLD's focus is on omni-channel processes marketing & sales, order management, logistics and analysis.


Marketing & Sales

Omni-Channel Marketing & Sales stands for the perfectly harmonized use of communication and distribution channels to facilitate new ways of contacting customers, enhancing the efficiency of sales channels and reducing costs. Activities in Omni-Channel Marketing & Sales include:

  • planning campaigns
  • selecting target groups
  • selecting channels
  • defining cross-channel activities
  • conducting cross-channel activities
  • offering “buy x pay y”
  • mixing‘n'matching
  • participating in happy hour
  • mobile couponing
  • iBeacon technology
  • offering discounts
  • payment services
  • demand analyses
  • supplier selection
  • assortment formation and allocation
  • interactive product information

Order Management

Fast and consistent processing and handling is one of the key prerequisites of efficient order management. The essential elements of Omni-Channel Order Management include:

  • centralized order management – from diverse systems and channels including call centers, web shops and stationary stores (choose customer data, appointment creation and testing, order creation)
  • 360° customer service to process orders (capture, check, allocate, forward, fulfill and finalize)


The right omni-channel strategy includes customers being able to access cross-channel information from warehouse management and logistics services at any time. The following issues play a crucial role:

  • consignment creation (forward, allocate, partial delivery)
  • return management (RMA)
  • commissioning and packing
  • cross docking
  • fulfillment
  • reservation
  • freight
  • creating and tracking enclosures
  • stocktaking
  • packaging
  • logistics management
  • virtual stock


As far as planning is concerned, integrated Omni-Channel Management in particular provides new options for retailers – extensive analyses of diverse channels facilitate trend recognition at an early stage. This way, retailers can react to the market promptly. Extended merchandising functions including unlimited product categories and hierarchies offer further opportunities to map and plan for customers’ needs with more precision. The following methods of analysis will help you optimize your retail business:

  • BI omni-channel KPIs
  • 360° analysis and planning views
  • forecasts and trends
  • movement analysis and heat maps in stores
  • customer quantification
  • shelf behavior
  • redundancy management

Want to talk to us about your specific requirements? We are your competent partners in creating solutions and processes and will provide you with an organized system landscape and methodically developed and implemented software tailored to the needs of your company, customers and staff.


You can visit the RETAIL FUTURE WORLD every day at Deutschherrnstr. 15-19 in Nuremberg – especially for you and your individual questions. Participation is free. You can register here:

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Supported by our customers and partners

Thanks to our customers and partners, RETAIL FUTURE WORLD became a veritable live experience.


The perfect system landscape

The technology in RETAIL FUTURE WORLD is based on Microsoft Dynamics standard solutions enhanced with impexis 360° ERP and implexis Store Manager. Customers challenge your IT systems and you achieve true omni-channel value creation only with efficient IT.

Based on Microsoft KINECT data, the implexis Store Manager is a user-friendly platform for measuring and analyzing customer movement and streams in stores and other closed spaces. The implexis Store Manager provides retailers with immediate overviews of where and when customers enter their stores and where they move while in the stores.

Customer streams can be measured and analyzed based on data collected using a Microsoft KINECT sensor and standard network cameras. These in-store movement analyses support retailers in the optimization of their stores’ layouts and in determining customers’ needs as well as localizing problematic areas and identifying the best locations for merchandising or product campaigns.

The data collected by means of the implexis Store Manager can be analyzed and evaluated directly using a scalable cross-site platform in a regular web browser.

Visit us at RETAIL FUTURE WORLD to test the implexis Store Manager in person.

Organize omni-channel processes effectively!

"implexis 360° ERP" provides modern retailers with an IT system to map all of their sales channels and process chains consistently. "implexis 360° ERP" helps the trade sector master the challenges of multiple distribution and sales channels efficiently and solve conflicts among channels. The tool focuses on the omni-channel processes of marketing and sales, order management, logistics and analysis.

Map retail process chains flexibly and consistently.

implexis maps these processes fully using Microsoft technologies. The underlying standard technologies ensure that investments remain future-oriented and are able to be updated. This is one of the main deviations from existing software architectures that over time have developed into non-transparent, heterogeneous constructs which inhibit both flexible processing in marketing and sales and seamless handling of all downstream business processes. "implexis 360° ERP" provides you with an organized system environment as well as with meticulously developed and implemented software based on the requirements of your organization, your customers and your staff.

Avoid channel conflicts; profit from cross channel activities.

You can offer competitive and efficient cross-channel activities and address your customers in all channels with the same professionalism. Be it stores, web shops, marketplaces or social selling – "implexis 360° ERP" accommodates and connects the sales channels of today and tomorrow.

Data collected by the Microsoft KINECT sensor is processed directly by the implexis Store Manager. This combination of smart systems facilitates consistent analyses and intelligent monitoring for your stores and provides answers to these questions:

  • How do customers behave in front of the shelves in the store?
  • Which paths do customers walk?
  • Which areas are of special interest to customers?
  • Which areas do customers seldom frequent?

Analyzing movement using heat maps makes it possible to determine customer behavior in stores with the objective of evaluating the efficacy of marketing measures. The statistical evaluation of queues helps optimize staff deployment. Also, you can use the Kinect sensor to generate new and relevant metrics regarding customers and their interactions with goods. With its ability to detect customers in in-store scenarios, the system can identify the shelves to which customers go most often. Where products have been allocated to shelves, the system can count how often a product is picked and transmit this information to ERP systems. This data then can be used to optimize product placement. Aggregating information using Business Intelligence methods enables you to identify patterns of customer behavior. With KINECT sensors and the implexis Store Manager, the number of hardware devices required to conduct analyses of your stores remains small.

Visit us at RETAIL FUTURE WORLD to test the implexis Store Manager in person.

Contact us! We will be happy to consult you individually.


Michael Ferschl

Managing Director

Available for any questions about retail processes, ERP systems, multi-channelling, methodology and consistent system landscapes.


Florian Schader

Strategic Program Manager

Available for any questions about retail processes, ERP systems, multi-channelling, methodology and consistent system landscapes.




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