Digital Work Environments for Omni-Channel Retail

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Digital Workplaces

The trends that impact digital workplaces are social media, big data, mobile applications, and the cloud. These developments provide entirely new ways to involve customers, staff members, and third parties in your business processes. Stationary PCs in offices are short of becoming obsolete. The new workplaces are mobile, connected, and adaptable.


…intelligent search engines that ensure that your staff members find and use the complete knowledge related to specific work contexts built up in your company immediately. Long e-mails and meetings become a thing of the past because all staff members communicate via Skype for Business. They use Desktop Sharing via mouse click to process documents together or present the content of their own desktops. They enter into communications directly from their current work assignments.

The Internet of Things

Appealing products, personal touches, and taking a sincere interest in customers are features that make for good merchants. However, in times of increasing digitalization in the retail industry, keeping up personal touches and offering customers memorable shopping experiences is becoming increasingly difficult. With the Internet of Things you can make shopping an adventure and learn more about your customers’ needs. Let us show you how!


…your customers can collect loyalty points on their smartphone app as soon as they enter your store and at check-out. The app informs customers about discount campaigns while they are in your store.

Machine Learning

The principle behind machine learning is an artificial system made up of sample incidents that can generalize after having completed the learning stage. The system remembers regularities and can translate them to other incidents. What if your software was able to learn? What if knowledge was generated automatically from experience? What if a machine knew your customers’ needs before everyone else? We believe the results would be incredible for omni channel retailing and internal corporate communications.


…your online shop could learn which product evaluations are particularly helpful to your customers and could improve the display of evaluations over time. Your shop would weigh product evaluations based on their currentness and would prioritize the ones coming from registered customers. Also, your e-mail program would learn to understand you and would answer questions before you even entered them completely.


The challenge for modern omni-channel retailers is to reach customers through a broad range of channels. Over the next few years, online shops and sales over smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices will continue to gain in importance. One approach to implementing omni-channel strategies is cloud-based solutions that reduce complexity. Diverse elements such as online shops or mobile payment and logistics systems can be connected to each other in the cloud.


…your customers‘ data could be retrieved from all distribution channels so that you can draw up comprehensive analyses of your customers’ behavior. Because you use a data center located in the cloud in which all your data is saved securely, you have easy access to omni-channel distribution.

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