The market increasingly is conquered by new technologies that challenge the retail sector: Omni channel processes must be organized to provide customers with an optimal customer journey. Comprehensive product ranges and, in some cases, fast product changeovers complicate the situation.

Mastering these challenges requires a well-structured system landscape as well as methodically designed and implemented software tailored to the needs of retail companies and their customers.
ax|is fashion, K3’s flexible and scalable industry solution, specifically addresses fashion processes and enables companies to monitor and control all multichannel processes. The cutting-edge solution is fully embedded into Microsoft Dynamics AX. With ax|is fashion, users have easy access to relevant information regarding the creation of products along the value chain at all times.
The out-of-the-box fashion functionality eliminates the need for extensive backend configuration, resulting in shorter implementation cycles and quicker ROI.

Business advantages at a glance

  • Transparent, role-based data accessible from anywhere
  • ƒƒShorter decision cycles, quicker response to change
  • Improved enterprise-wide and supplier collaboration
  • End-user satisfaction with a fit-for-purpose solution on a familiar interface
  • Real-time visibility into all processes across all channels
  • Centralized and accurate data
  • Integration into mission-critical point solutions
  • Reduced complexity, increased efficiency
  • Preconfigured for fashion-specific business models, processes and tasks
  • No need for expensive customization of generic solutions
  • Includes functionality to handle product management, wholesale and retail
  • Flexible and scalable to drive growth and expansion

Software features

Season Management

  • Pre-season planning for collections
  • In-season planning with open-to-buy information
  • Control of item and variant availability over the different processes
  • Insight into original versus invoiced order quantities
  • Management of markdown process during product lifecycles
  • Transparent credit and hold management to minimize risk


Color, Size and Fit Handling

  • Efficient handling of multiple product dimensions in one all-up view
  • Quick order entry and editing via a fast and flexible matrix
  • Simplification through an aggregated view, set up with user-defined parameters
  • Faster order entry processing and replenishment with the application of ratio curves and historical sales data


  • Comprehensive PLM functionality to manage processes, from concept to consumer
  • ƒƒCritical path management and overview
  • Product design support thanks to Adobe Illustrator integration
  • Product data management
  • PLM fully integrated into business processes
  • Insight into costs and recommended retail prices to optimize margins

Sales Order Management

  • ƒƒOptimal allocation of received stock over open orders, taking into account shortages and surpluses
  • Bulk updating of sales orders when ordered products are not received or get changed
  • Flexible support for different scenarios for pre- and direct sales across different sales channels including consignment
  • Easily cater to customer-specific delivery and packaging preferences

Omni-Channel Planning

  • Better manage inventory and prices across all channels to optimize revenue
  • Enhance your overview of sales budgets to plan for coming seasons
  • Balance inventory levels across warehouses to support all the sales channels
  • Manage replenishment parameters across all variants and channels
  • Omni-channel communication platform to cater for apps, e-commerce, m-commerce and APIs


  • Consolidated overview of inventory in pre-packs with unpack/repack functionality
  • Customer-specific packs with automatic price calculation
  • Decrease handling time in ordering and distribution for a quicker time to market

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