Retail Essentials includes all the functions required for stationary retail, from installing stores and cash registers to multiple options for analyzing POS transactions.

Retail Essentials is an optional configuration element based on Microsoft Dynamics AX technology. Thanks to the simplified user interface of this stand-alone solution you can use all the relevant retail functions and the integrated POS system (stationary and mobile) without implementing the full AX version. However, additional AX functions up to the full version can be activated at any time.

Retail Essentials – Highlights

  • Stationary and mobile POSs can be integrated
  • Easy deployment thanks to standardized initialization processes
  • Export function for linking third-party accounting systems (ERPs)
  • Predefined frameworks for migrating data from other retail systems (e.g., Microsoft Dynamics RMS)
  • Multiple Microsoft Dynamics AX-based options to expand your systems

Retail Essentials – Features


Store Management

  • manage organizations and organizational hierarchies,
  • share one address database,
  • create and manage storage spaces (e.g., main warehouse, store warehouses).


Logistics Functions

  • supplier management,
  • ordering,
  • relocation order management,
  • direct delivery,
  • methods for refilling, e.g., Buyers’ Push,
  • overview of inventory and stocktaking support,
  • support through barcodes/RFID.


Customer Management

  • manage individual customers and groups,
  • create sales orders and invoices,
  • process offers,
  • customer loyalty programs (Loyalty Card).


POS Processes

  • shift management,
  • sales transactions with different payment methods and currencies,
  • complaints and returns,
  • inventory queries,
  • order creation,
  • cash register parking,
  • cash register closing.



  • administer taxes, payment terms, currencies and interest codes,
  • manage information codes,
  • manage credit notes,
  • evaluate POS bookings and store inventory,
  • export booking information.


Data Synchronization

  • manage batch jobs with predefined times for synchronization,
  • synchronize product lines, customers and prices,
  • place live queries regarding inventories and loyalty points.


Product Management

  • manage products, categories, models and product lines,
  • create and process product kits,
  • manage prices and pricing agreements,
  • manage discounts (e.g., Mix & Match).



  • reporting services,
  • Excel (AX add-in Excel),
  • standard reports (e.g., sales performance by store).


How Retail Essentials can become part of your retail world:

concept for deployment,

IT throughout your store,

implementation in your system landscape,

support and training prior to and during the introduction,

after-implementation support.


Michael Ferschl

Managing Director

Available for any questions about the smart store.

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