We speak SharePoint and the world of retail is our world. We link these two fields in modern software solutions including intranets, knowledge platforms, online shops, or supplier and customer portals.


Communications at Digital Retail Stores

Staff members at your store only have to view the intranet for ten minutes every morning to be updated for the rest of the day. They have all the relevant company news as well as updated information on tasks, inventories, incoming goods, etc. at their disposal.


The Workplace of the Future at Your Headquarters

Staff members at your headquarters view the company intranet when they arrive for work and receive all the relevant company news as well as an overview of their projects and tasks, information about colleagues, and current flows of goods.


A Strong Team: ERP and SharePoint

You can merge information from your ERP system, SharePoint or diverse other diverse business applications, for example, in a web shop based on SharePoint. If an order is received by your headquarters, staff at the store automatically knows which products need to be packed for the customer.


Social Features in Intranets for Quick Help

If your staff members at the store or at headquarters have questions during the day, they can post them on the internal news stream and receive answers from colleagues quickly and without the red tape.


Provide Personalized Information Anytime and at Every Store

Grant role-based access to information including inventories in real time, prices, work schedules, online training, or customer data.


Gain Meaningful Insight into Business Processes Across all Distribution Channels and Networks

Use the opportunity to access your data from any device to view meaningful interactive reports and dashboards.


Exchange information efficiently across companies on customer, supplier or merchant portals and extranets.

Accelerate communications between your external partners and internal staff members along your value chain.


Offer Your Customers What They Need

Even before your customers know what they want to buy, you know their preferences and can show them what they like – both online and at your store!

Brave New Working World

Cloud working, mobile work, open offices, and new forms of staff involvement – the range of options to design the digital company of the future is virtually limitless. What can we do to design the workplace of the future sustainably? View this video to get an impression.

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Ralf Bußmann

Business Unit Manager Collaboration & Custom Solutions

Available for any questions about Microsoft SharePoint, intranets and extranets, project and team portals, Business Intelligence (BI), knowledge management platforms and end-to-end collaboration.

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