Layout and design are essential contributors to customers‘ shopping experiences in your store. Well thought-out and tested store concepts can help increase sales significantly.
As a retailer, you probably ask yourself:

  • How can I make optimal use of my sales floor to increase customer satisfaction and retention?
  • How can I localize problematic areas?
  • How can I identify the best spots for merchandising and/or product campaigns?

User-Friendly Tool

Based on Microsoft KINECT data, the implexis Store Manager is a user-friendly platform for analyzing customer streams in stores and other closed spaces professionally and monitoring them intelligently.
The implexis Store Manager provides retailers with immediate overviews of where and when customers enter their stores and where they move while in the stores. Customer streams can be measured and analyzed based on data collected using a Microsoft KINECT sensor and standard network cameras.

Options for Optimization

These in-store movement analyses support retailers in the optimization of their stores’ layouts and alignment with customers’ needs. Problematic areas can be localized and the best locations for merchandising or product campaigns can be identified.
The data collected by means of the implexis Store Manager can be analyzed and evaluated directly using a scalable cross-site platform in a regular web browser.

The Ideal Solution for Your Store

The implexis Store Manager delivers:


comprehensive online analyses and evaluations of customers‘ activities (e.g., counting the number of customers),


control of media services (video/audiocast, e.g., infoterminals),


online video monitoring,


analyses of routes, duration, and queues (e.g., using heat maps),


archives of customers‘ activities (movement data) for historical analyses,


Business Intelligence for omni-channel retailing.


How you benefit from the implexis Store Manager:

a cost-effective system for analyzing activities in your store,


optimal design of your sales floor,


lower costs thanks to optimized use of personnel,


ability to respond flexibly to customers’ activities.


How the implexis Store Manager can become part of your retail world:

concept for implementation,

Microsoft Kinect technology throughout your store,

implementation into your system landscape,

support and training prior to and during the introduction,

after-implementation support.

To learn more about implexis Store Manager, please contact us or visit our RETAIL FUTURE WORLD at our headquarters in Nuremberg.

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